5 years ago, I took my first solo trip to backpack Europe, find my identity and discover a world outside of America. Little did I know, this trip would lead to me walking away from my corporate 9-5 job, giving up everything I owned and living out of suitcases as I traveled the world. As you could imagine, this was quite a shock to my friends and family as I was rebelling against the traditional path of settling into a career, getting married and creating a stable life.

I wanted so much more in my life. I wanted to see the world and do something different. I wanted to see what life was like outside of the American bubble. Yet, traveling abroad seemed unattainable at the time. I couldn’t just leave behind my life and travel for six months. What about my billsMy friendsMy jobMy relationship?

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With no idea what to expect except living on blogs, Google and in travel guides, I ended my relationship, put all my belongings in storage and decided I was going to figure it out while on the streets of Europe.

The moment I landed in Frankfurt, Germany and got a whiff of new air, I knew there was no going back. It was this six-month backpacking trip that changed my entire life. Since 2014, I’ve been traveling, across Asia, America and Europe. In 2019, I came back to my storage locker in America for a brief visit. After 5 years away, I decided it was time to part ways with everything inside. 

You might think I’m crazy, but once I got a taste of freedom, I wanted nothing tying me down, and that meant the contract to my storage unit that kept increasing every year. 

My desire to take risks grew larger. The idea of entrepreneurship became more and more attractive until finally, I decided “why not me?” 

I craved more freedom. Freedom to me means, the ability to travel anywhere, anytime while doing what I love. 

My dream since I was 11 was to become a writer and be in Forbes. I had no idea how I’d make it happen but the determination to figure it out. People started approaching asking me to teach them how to become more confident so they can take risks and pursue their dreams.

This led me to becoming a Confidence Coach which then led me to becoming a speaker and then building my consulting business where I work with high-growth startups and businesses who are expanding internationally to build out their HR departments.

It wasn’t long after that I achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a paid contributor for Forbes. I didn’t stop there, I wanted to build a global reputation where companies would pay me to fly all over the world. Since starting my business in 2017, I’ve been featured in over 20 of the largest publications, interviewed, flown across the world for the largest industry conferences and have had well known organizations reach out to work with me.


I owe my success today to the leap of faith I took back in 2014 to chase a life nobody else understood, not even myself. As a Confidence Coach, Lifestyle Blogger, Speaker, Writer and Consultant, I’ve helped hundreds of people across the world build their confidence, find their purpose and design a life they love. Whether that’s through travel, building a business or finding a career and negotiating for the flexibility they crave, my favorite part is being a part of their transformation.

She Travels Her Way

There’s no one set path to live a life of travel. We all come from different backgrounds and circumstances with different skills, dreams and goals. You can travel working a 9-5, or while building a business or going to school. I’ve traveled during all three of those times. I’ve traveled broke and I’ve traveled with a little extra financial padding. As a sensitive foodie (free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn, tomato, beans, etc…), I want to be able to enjoy local cuisine, and I do! 

These are all the things . I hope my story inspires you to take the leap that brings you to the life you dream of.  


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