The Secret To Finding A Job In Berlin, Germany

If you’re like me, you’re a traveler who wants more. By more, you want an immersive experience in the country that captures your heart the most. For me, that was Germany. I made my first solo trip to Berlin in 2014 and since then I craved the experience of living there long-term. In 2018, I made that happen when I wrapped up my travels in Asia and finally made my move to Berlin.

Traveling abroad is an experience in and of itself but moving abroad is a whole different story. I want to make things a bit easier for you by sharing the job boards and how you can succeed in the job market as an expat.

Each country has its own requirements of what they look for in a CV or resume and how they want it formatted. I found NovoResume to work best for me. The free option is limited to one-page which is what I kept mine at. I also played around with Canva and made a CV in there.

I’ll write another post later helping you write a CV and cover letter that sells yourself in the tough German market.

Let’s talk about job boards. Below are the job boards I signed up for as well as additional sites that employers post jobs across Germany. While my experience is specific to Berlin, I’ve gained at least a dozen or so interviews and a few job offers in Hamburg, Munich and Cologne from using these sites below.

The job market in Berlin moves faster than in any other place in Germany so you have to be on top of the job postings. This is because the startups are mainly based in Berlin and they’re more likely to sponsor visas with a quick turnaround in hiring than larger companies. Plus, they’re much more likely to have English as their working language.


LinkedIn – what makes LinkedIn great is you can set job alerts and “easy apply” to jobs. I actually got my last job in Berlin from an easy apply application. It uses your stored resume/CV (you can change it) and it’s a one-click application.

Xing – is the German version of LinkedIn. The entire site is in German but can be translated from your desktop

Indeed – you can type in the search field “English speaking” and it’ll also populate English speaking jobs for you


English Speaking Job Boards

English Jobs

Expat Job Seeker


The Local

Jobs In Berlin

Work in Berlin – you can send in your resume/CV and it’ll match you with hobs

Startup Jobs

AngelList – lists startup jobs from around the world

Gründerszene Jobbörse

Deutsch Startups

Berlin Startup Jobs

Facebook Groups (specific to Berlin but you can substitute Berlin for the city you’re looking at, i.e. Expats in Munich)

Free Advice Berlin

Expats in Germany

English Jobs in Berlin

Berlin Expats

Berlin Freelancers

Berlin Creatives Network

Expat Ladies in Berlin



MoBerries – similar to Work in Berlin, you upload your resume/CV and it matches you with jobs. You’ll be notified if an employer is interested in you and vice versa. This is a newer job portal where there aren’t many options but still a decent amount

Berlin Food Stories – restaurant jobs in Berlin

StackOverflow Jobs – tech jobs 


Here are some of the most sought after companies to work for in Berlin








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